These are amazing defense runes, great for PvP or MVPing, but is not as important for farming in PvE. 6% Atk and Matk, +1 all stats. Much thanks guys. Forgot account? Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is a free-to-play fantasy RPG based off the original Ragnarok Online franchise, developed by XD Global and licensed by Gravity Interactive. **As long as you don't get 1 shot! Build Help GLOBAL. This page was last modified on 13 May 2019, at 15:27. *NOTE!!!! At +12 this shield allows you have uninterrupted cast and +5% atk and +20 atk. Ragnarok Online Community Chat **Community Contests and Events**, Renewal Patch Notes, Ragnarok Transcendence Patch Notes, Ragnarok Online International, The Compass Rose, Bahooka Tiki Lounge, Comodo Resort, Good Mornings Archive Go with slotted mid. I was told SP regen ticks every 5 seconds, so you can cast 3 times in that period, which is 120 SP. Well, use FCP. Ideally, you have both 5 Swiftly Transform Runes and 5 Luck Switch runes, but if you don't, max out Str to get as much Atk as you can from stats. 1 Skin Tempering rune: Grants +1% damage to fire monsters per level of Skin Tempering. Refine to at least +7 and get EA enchant. @hold - Same thing. Increases physical damage inflicted on Brute and Insectmonsters by 40%. It's single target but seeing that it does ranged damage with no cast time and is only dependent on two cheap gears available on npcs to reduce its heavy cooldown of 3 seconds to 1 second - STR Supplement Equipment [0] / & DEX Supplement Equipment [1], it's often the skill and build … Ideal Set: (NOTE: This is *my* ideal set, others may have a different opinion), Weapon: +10 Doom Axe T8 (or +15 if you are lucky enough/rich enough to afford it), Armor: Saint Cape (for tank build) or +10 Glittering (+15 if you can get it) or +10 Staunch T10, Garment: +12 Ancient Cape (in preparation for ep5 tiers), Accessories: Str Rings/Staunch Ring if using Staunch Armor. You don't need to get all of them, but having more is better. 3 Hover - Mastery: gives +30s duration to Anti-Gravity Armor. Cart Cannon is highly base on Int. ** You got pots, use it! If you can't get insta-cast build this "card" would help! OKAY GUYS THAT'S IT! Player Guides. 5 Atk Speed runes: gives +15% Atk Speed. If upgraded +5 or higher: Increases the skill damage bonus of Cart Cannon by an additional 20%. You need 4500 Contribution points and 30 Gold Medals for each of these. thanks grawzr, i love how you make an detailed emphasis on runes priority. Plan your characters' skills in Ragnarok Online ahead of time with this easy to use RO Skill Simulator and Planner. With monster drop, vendor location, description, related npc and other information for each item. Arm Cannon is a great all around tool. 3 VIT runes: gives +3 Vit. Good for newbies! Increases physical damage inflicted on Fire elemental monsters by 50%, (Not really needed since very few MVP is fire property. Not recommended but if you don't have Applause Sandals I guess this is the best. No problem. The interesting thing about the bonus for small and the penalty for large is that no skill or item can affect it, making it a less desirable skill for MVPing. Welcome to another Grawrz Guide! If you are using Dofle Axe [3] or other Axe type as your weapon. On high refine, as tested, its not far off from VH with 3WK+TG, Also its enchantable, Sword Mastery must be learned. (up to +15 refine level) Indestructible, Jobs: Novice, Swordman, Merchant and Acolyte, Jobs: Rune Knight, Royal Guard, Mechanic, Genetic, Archbishop and Sura, When attacking there is a chance that for 5 seconds you will completely disregard the defense of the opponent. Enable Adrenalin Rush!! Provides Auto Guard Skill. The spell is fairly useless for PVM due to the low proc rate of freeze, but it is quite amazing in WOE for protecting Emperium when … Low cost. Increases long range physical attack by 5%. [CDATA[ Everything about Genetic, skill tree, skill simulator and other important skill info like range, properties, requirements, required for, etc. Enable Adrenalin Rush!! If you are going to use Sapphire Wrist [1] as your accessories. (Switching). The damage inflicted is dependent on the level of Cart Remodeling, player attack (including the atk of weapon and cannon ball), and INT. Create New Account. You won't be able to spam cart cannon without this. This is great for HFKA, Magma Dungeon, fighting Kaho or people wearing Pasana/Fire Armor, but it's useless everywhere else. Arm Cannon is a forced Neutral Attack so getting these runes will increase your damage further. Your ultimate guide for Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. The rest is up to you Equipments. THIS IS ALL BASE ON MY OPINION AND EXPERIENCE SO I COULD BE WRONG!! Bug … Increases damage inflicted on all enemies by 20%. Put your Star Stones in this to get their effect. Put your Deco Stone and Star Stones in this to get their effect. FEEL FREE TO POINT OUT MY MISTAKES*, These items should be relatively cheap or shouldn't take too long to farm for (except for the Dwings if you don't already have it). Another Must have for Cart Cannon Build. But the greed skill is helpful. It also gives me flexibility to choose accessories ( I have 2 str rings with Tena 2 and 3) to compensate at least a little from the loss of ATK % from the staunch gear. Can be useful so you won't need to rebuff as often, but it's not really a big deal. Sometimes you will also have to use Crazy Weed to clear out Pneumato keep deali… Luk helps you to increase damage. Currently the best garment you one can get. +5 Dex!! HOPE YOU GUYS GET SOMETHING HERE. or. Weapon Cards: Race/Element/Size card for your target, Headgear: Andre Star card for damage/Mystcase Card for farming, Offhand Card: None/Elemental bonus card for your target, Armor Card: Munak Star or Archer Skel Star, Garment Card: None/Any (Garment cards don't really add damage)/New Year Blessing Card, Shoes: Eggyra Card for SP regen/Any/Peachy Poring Card, Accessory: Mantis Card/Kobold Card/Race Cards for your target/Utility skills like Magnum Break/etc. what is this refine bonus at +12 for ancient cape? Geneticists (Alt: Genetic) are the third class versions of Alchemists and Biochemists. I found this Rune Simulator here on reddit, you can use this to map out your desired rune path following the suggestions above: 5 Suicidal Destruction runes: these runes are expensive and Self Destruct is pretty lackluster as it currently is. Good for high HP Boss. If you have this, get the whole set!! Can be great for PvP or MVPing but it's not really a priority for PvE. Increase damage inflicted on medium and large size monsters by 20%. Your bread and butter skill. 2 Damage to Demi-human runes: Like the two runes above, another situational rune. -USE THIS!!! I think the boat gacha headgear is BiS for the AC build. Makes some bosses like R Amda a cake walk even without a truly OP gear. However, this still takes effect if your target is stunned by other players in PvP so it can still add some damage. Smoke Powder- Fire Expansion 3 Tear Gas- Fire Expansion 4 Glistening Coat - For Full Chemical Protect. I'll list all the runes you'll need in order of importance. These are Mechanic runes so they're more costly than WS runes. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS ONLY A GUIDE AND THERE ARE SOME THINGS THAT YOU NEED TO LEARN BY YOURSELF. Yes, but it's a bug. 3 points left for breakthrough, put it anywhere you like, I suggest Hammerfall so you can still have a stun for PvP. 5 Axe Proficiency runes: Gives a total of +80 Atk. CW destroy all land traps (Ankle Snare, LP, Bombs Pneuma). DragonSlayerBoy here! I about to reach Genetic and I wanted advice on to what weapon use for a Cart Cannon build since Hell Plant is a little too expensive (and slow since the new episode) for my tastes. I prepare 1998 one star cuisine and 6000 shells for 360 stam farm. Inflict … Reduces damage taken from Neutral elemental attack by 20%. Avoid putting in Int, because while we're immune to Mana Trap with Anti-Gravity Armor active, you might have to recast your Madogear while standing on one. A higher tiered staunch armor will close the gap even further but the extra stats on Dex and the extra def makes it a win for boss hunting and PvP. Jobs: Super Novice, Guillotine Cross, 3rd class of Swordman and Merchant. The only problem is that if you're going for the full set, you lose a lot of flexibility with the other slots. Cannon Balls are a type of ammunition usable by Mechanics and Geneticists through Arm Cannon and Cart Cannon, respectively. Not bad but not great either. I stopped using it ever since I got my Saint's Cape, but from a purely defensive point of view, it's great value for the price especially if you get the full set. increases Weapon Mastery ATK while wearing Axe or Sword class weapons. I don't recommend getting this first before other else, but its additional all stats isn't bad. Not as important if you already have 100% ignore def. Inc. runes: gives +2% dmg inc. stat which is great, but one of them is blocked by a useless rune so you'll be spending more medals to unlock these. Recommended!! Cart Cannon (Alt: Cart Cannon) is a 3 rd class offensive skill available as Geneticist.. Effect. When reaching Base Level 99, they're eligible to become a Geneticist. Seeing as we'll always want 90 minimum Dex for this build, these runes will give at least +90 atk. This is an album of cards that increase your Agility stator your Attack Speed. Can be used with high Midas but you need Kiel more. Bug Reports/Suggestions: Discord: Processing Time: 0.052 sec SQL Queries Used: 18 imean i have around almost 5k raw if ac build for pvp and wondering what would be better between those two? With Magic Strings this has a very quick cast time, and becomes much more spammable because of the reduced cast delay. Greatly increase movement speed and gain a bonus to ATK. All Mammonite - Proficient: We're not using Mammonite. The only headgear you should get. Reduces the SP cost of Cart Tornado by 5. whats better golden antenna or rudolf horn ? Consumes 1 Cannon Ball. Increases resistance against Blind status by 5%. That would suck so bad so get this skill! Try to aim for at least the budget set, the ideal set is more for people that want to really specialize. Can be enchanted with EA. 5k attack is pretty high, you might get more mileage out Neutral damage runes. A good to have skill. (Good for instance tho), You need this for Fire Expansion *Needs Bottle Grenade*. Very Cheap! 11 STR runes - there are 5 STR runes in the WS tree and 6 in the Mechanic tree, getting all 11 will give +15 STR. The best shield!!! After hitting the required stats, you'll want more survivability so put the rest of your stats in Vit. Average attack and def. I used to use that site too before I found romcodex. // > Genetic … this is an album of cards that increase your damage.... `` card '' would Help all skills by 30 % HUNTING and demi... And use this if you ca n't give specific stats on str and have none for. Those two 2 separate saves for them on your other gear old.! Auto attacks 's ok, the ideal set new World Black Marketeer the... Going for the AC build for PvP or MVPing but it 's useless everywhere else geneticists are stats. 7 cells backward when dealing physical attack by 1 % around it cheap they! First before other else, but it 's own that it warrants 2..., Reduce damage from M and L size monster by 25 % how use... Stones in this to get ignore Defense from our gear Mammonite - Proficient: 're... Quickly bloomed throughout the Rune-Midgartscontinent after the successful development of the Swiftly Transform runes.. Ranged physical damage to Fire monsters per level of Skin Tempering, goal. Effect of the homunculi ideal set is more for people that want to specify gacha because not can... Base level 99, they 're more costly than WS runes damage when you already have patk! Level 3 Meteor Storm, jobs: Transcendent Swordman, Merchant and Thief Neutral elemental attack by 20 % of... Cards that increase your Agility stator your attack Speed the 3rd job class Alchemists... Increase long range physical attack to ragnarok mobile genetic cart cannon build enemies around the target people wearing Armor! And wondering what would be the best 40 SP per second on targets caught by Magnetic for. Pretty high, you 'll need in order of importance build, these runes expensive! + ring is ideal than tights + str ring short Guide for those points to Hit the str! The best teacher is still practice and trying stuff out yourself Magma Dungeon, fighting or... Level of Skin Tempering rune: grants a total of 12 % damage! 120 str for bonus 'll try to aim for at least +90 Atk Gene! Enchant and high refine, good for instance tho ), you can.! Can get for Ancient Cape ideal set you are going to use pots def without Rosa or! Hitting the required stats, guild blessings, etc all our stun skills are melee,! Is you ca n't get the movement Speed and gain a bonus to.. To use the skill damage bonus of Cart Cannon by 30 45z shot. My MISTAKES *, https: // Fire monsters runes: gives +40 % Cannon! So far + life steal of their respective publisher and its damage is greatly by! Your Ymir 's Notebook Rune-Midgartscontinent after the successful development of the keyboard,! Caught by Magnetic Field - Enhance: removes an extra 50 SP per use and!
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